5 Common Roof Problems

Roof damage and leakage can be caused by many things, but some are harder to distinguish than others. Below are 5 common problems that affect your roof.                                                             

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Field of Shingles

The field of shingles is probably most common roof problem. This includes blowoffs , pooling water,  and shrinking field membranes. All of these factors are causes roof leaks.


The valleys in your roof are equivalent to  normal river valleys, but on your roof! when the water accumulates more and larger amounts of water move rapidly, it can cause severe damage, especially if roofs are not properly installed.

Head Wall Flashing

A head wall is a steep slope in the roof where it meets a flat wall face. Rainwater comes to a stop here and pools before continuing off the roof at this point. Even the smallest crevice can let through water in a situation like this. Head wall flashing can be quite a challenge to pinpoint and can also cause severe damage.

Wall Step Flashing

Similar to a head wall, a wall step is meeting a wall in the roof. The difference is that the wall step is the slope that runs alongside a wall, rather than meeting the flat part of the wall. Poor installation or damaged flashing on a wall step can lead to leaks. Those leaks can then lead to interior drips that have spiraled, which makes the original leak harder to identify.


Chimneys especially prone to roof problems. They are a double negative because they have both head walls and wall steps. Chimneys can also buckle or sag, which create gaps in the flashing. This is most definitely a problem with older chimneys.

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