Checking Your Roof for Storm Damage

Roof During Rainy WeatherHeavy wind, rain, or hail, can cause a lot of damage to your roof. The quicker repairs are made to damaged areas the roof the better the chances are of preventing water damage to the roof and inside your home. After a storm comes through, follow these steps for checking for signs of damage to the shingles and structure of your roof.

Checking for debris – checking the roof for debris is especially important if you have trees growing near your home. Fallen branches can tear shingles and even dent the roof if it’s heavy enough. Do a quick inspection by walking around your home for a noticeably large pieces of debris.

Inspecting shingles for damage – if you have asphalt shingles, one of the easiest ways to look for signs of damage is to check the gutters and ground around your home. These shingles have a coating of particles that protect them. In heavy rain or strong winds, this coating can loosen and shed from the shingles. If this has happened you will find these particles scattered on the ground or caught in the gutters.

Hiring a professional roofer – if you think your roof has suffered from storm damage, having a professional roofer come out to inspect the roof is a great way to check for even the smallest signs of damage and get a detailed report on the condition of your roof for insurance claims.

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