Installation for Cool Roofing

A Large Building With Gray Metal Roofing

Cool Roofing Can Be Installed as Metal Sheets or as Applied as a Coating.

If you are interested in a way to improve the energy efficiency of your commercial building, think about installing a cool roof in Fort Worth, TX. Traditional roofing products soak up a great deal of the UV rays from the sun. Once the roof soaks up the heat, it passes it onto the interior of the building below. A cool roof won’t absorb the heat from the sun. This will decrease the temperature of the roof, which decreases the climate inside the building, minimizing your heating and cooling bills. For additional information regarding cool roofing, call Aline Roofing at (817) 984-9961. Let us help you pick the perfect cool roofing material for your business.

Reliable Cool Roof Services

Installing a cool roof can increase your energy efficiency and give you several additional advantages. You will save money on roofing repairs due to the fact that cool roofs do not need to be restored as often as other roofing products. When other roof products soak up UV rays from the sun, it harms the structure of the roof. This wears down the materials and can lead to roof damage that needs restoration. Often times, repairs are required to roofs to fix UV damage, like adding reflective roof coatings or installing UV resistant windows.

A cool roof system does not soak up the heat from the sun, and therefore it will last much longer than traditional roof products before it needs replacement. Getting a cool roof on your office could also improve the lifespan of your air conditioning system. As a cool roof lowers the temperature inside the building, it lightens the workload on your AC systems. This means they will not break down as often and you can save money on AC replacements. In addition to excellent savings, cool roof systems cut down on the emissions from commercial cooling units which is great for the environment.

Green Roofing Solutions

Several Large Residential Buildings With Green Roofing

Many Companies in the U.S. are Now Taking Advantage of the Energy Savings and Tax Benefits of Green Roofing.

Green roofing installation in Fort Worth, TX offers very practical ways of reducing our burden on the environment while simultaneously saving money! While there are several forms of green roofing, one of the most popular is plant-covered roofing. Besides looking fantastic, these plants absorb and reflect large of amounts of sunlight, reducing the strain on the building’s interior HVAC systems. You can learn more about green roofing from the U.S. Department of Energy!

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Additional information about installing a cool roof in Fort Worth, TX is accessible from Aline Roofing. In order to offer our clients durable cool roofing products, we only work with the leading roofing manufacturers in the business. Our staff at Aline Roofing has plenty of commercial roof installation experience, so you can rest assured that the roof we install for you is going to last. Contact our office at (817) 984-9961 to set up your installation now.