Hot Mop Roof

Roofer Installing Hot Mop Roof

An Affordable Commercial Roofing System, a Hot Mop Roof Requires Professional Repair

Is your business looking into the installation of a new roofing system? At Aline Roofing, our team is more than capable of handling your hot mop roof in Fort Worth, TX. Hot Mopping roofs can be a very messy and dangerous job, so if your business decides to install this system please call a professional! Hot Mop roof systems are a low-cost system for commercial businesses with flat roofs. This certain roofing technique requires a base sheet that protects the raw wood from the melted asphalt that mops over. To melt the asphalt, roofers put blocks of asphalt in a cauldron and heat up the material until it’s boiling, then proceed to mop the boiling tar until it’s thick enough to support. After the product is finished, most hot mop roof systems use pea rocks or gravel to protect the finished layer. Hop mop roof installation requires rigorous work, but our team at Aline Roofing has the skills and resources to get the job done. Give us a call at (817) 984-9961 to learn more!


Depending on maintenance and conditions, a hot mop roof can last as little as 15 years or slightly more than 30 years for your commercial building.

Benefits of Hot Mopping

Compared to other commercial roofing systems, hot mopping is one of, if not, the lowest-costing system available for commercial buildings, making it the primary reason property managers or business owners choose this system. These roofs also do not require a tear-down process during repairs because you can simply mop over the existing roof. With a good team, the process doesn’t last more than two days. Of course, when there’s pros there’s cons and with a hot mop roof the disadvantages come mostly during the installation process. We suggest that you leave it to the pros when installing a hot mop roof due to the risk of burning yourself from splashes whilst mopping.

If your business is interested in a hot mop roof in Fort Worth, TX, call Aline Roofing at (817) 984-9961, where we have the team and resources for hot mop roof installation & repair.