Duro-Last Roof Installation in in Fort Worth, TX

Duro-Last Roof System

A Duro-Last Roof is a Highly Durable and Long-Lasting Choice

Are you a commercial business looking for a durable roofing solution? Our experts at Aline Roofing specialize in Duro-Last roof installation in Fort Worth, TX. Duro-Last roofing is a simple installation system for commercial businesses with flat or low-slope roofs. Duro-Last roofs are a single-ply membrane that requires minimal (if any) maintenance after several years. Because of it’s prefabricated membrane, Duro-Last is a water-tight product that allows our professionals to install the system easily to your commercial roof. Aline Roofing has the tools and experience necessary to provide your commercial roofing with a great investment such as Duro-Last, so call us today at (817) 984-9961.

Benefits of Getting a Duro-Last Roof

Our Roofers Have Experience Installing Duro-Last Roofs, Like This PVC Roof

Duro-Last Roofs have been a successful product for commercial roofs since 1978. The reasons for its success is due to an exceptional durability and ease of installation. Learn more about why Duro-Last is a worthy long term investment for your commercial roof.

Prefabrication: When using Duro-Last, our experts measure and manufacture every single-ply roof to accommodate the specific commercial rooftop type. By doing so, this reduces the amount of seam work by 85% and also the amount of waste that usually occurs during rolled-system roofing.

Durability: Duro-Last roofing is considered to be the most durable system for commercial roofing because of its immunity toward chemicals, fires, grease, high winds, puncturing and extreme weather conditions.

Easy Installation: As one of the least disruptive roofing systems, Duro-Last is an easy installment without loud machinery distracting your business from its daily functions. Duro-Last roofs are installed over the existing roofing system without any need of an expensive tear-off. Installing your Duro-Last roof by Aline Roofing should go without interfering the daily operations of your business.

Call Us For Duro-Last Repairs

If your commercial building already has a Duro-Last roof and needs damage repair, our team at Aline Roofing offers the highest quality repairs available. Our professionals are available for routine maintenance to your commercial roof. Routine roof maintenance to your commercial building will increase its lifespan. If your business either needs installment, repair or has any questions about Duro-Last roofing, please call (817) 984-9961. At Aline Roofing we excel at giving you the highest quality of Duro-Last roofing installations in Fort Worth, TX that are available to you.