Torch Down Roofing in Fort Worth, TX

Are you a business looking for a new torch down roof in Fort Worth, TX? Torch down roofing installation & repair is what we do at Aline Roofing! Call us at (817) 984-9961 to learn more. The product name originates from the technique and adherence of the material to the roof structure. The process of installing torch down roofs involves melting the material to the sheathing that supports the base of the structure to create a seal that prevents leaks into the building structure. At Aline Roofing, we have the team and tools to install a torch down roof system for your commercial building the right way!

Advantages & Disadvantages of a Torch Down Roof

There are two ways to go when installing your torch down roofing system. The two-layer system is the process when our roofers install a base layer followed with the torch down layer. The three-layer system has the base layer, a smooth torch down layer and then topped off with a granular surface. This surface usually tends to last longer with less maintenance than the two-layer system, if installed correctly.

Torch Down Roof Installation

An Affordable Flat Roof Solution, a Torch Down Roof Requires Professional Installation

Cost: Torch down roofs tend to cost a little more than other roofing systems at first; however, its long lifespan and resistance to severe weather conditions make it an affordable purchase for your commercial building. There are lower-cost alternative products that may look like the torch down roofing system, but those tend to have a lower lifespan and more maintenance work, making it more expensive in the long run.

Waterproof and Energy Efficient: Torch down roofs have many benefits for your commercial building. Because of its rubberized asphalt material, the product is preventable from water leaks. It is also UV resistant, which makes your building cooler in the summer and lowers your energy bill.

Low Maintenance: The three-layer torch down roof requires minimal repair or maintenance throughout it’s lifespan, which tends to be around 15-20 years, making it an affordable long-term purchase.

Like always, there are some disadvantages. The torch down roof installation is a dangerous process that only professionals who have the appropriate tools and experience should handle. If a material gets over-heated, it can easily catch fire to dry surfaces.

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A torch down roof is a great option for low slope commercial buildings. If you have a flat-roof commercial building and your business is considering a torch down roof in Fort Worth, TX, call Aline Roofing at (817) 984-9961.