How To Get Your Roof Ready For Spring And Summer

Shingle Roof Spring Maintenance

Spring Maintenance Can Keep Your Roof At Its Best!

As spring coasts closer and closer to summer, can you say your home and roof are prepared? Your roof deals with a lot of potential damage during the summer months, so spring is the perfect time to repair any issues and fortify your system. If there is damage to your roof, summer storms and UV rays can exacerbate it, leading to bigger problems. Luckily, the maintenance needed to stop this from happening is fairly simple.

Spring Roof Maintenance

Get an Inspection – While many homeowners are averse to getting inspections, believing them to be unnecessary, inspections are actually one of the best preventative measures you can take to keep your roof and home safe. Have an expert roofing contractor inspect your system to identify and fortify any weakened areas.

Cleaning Your System – Take the time to clean debris, plant material, and leaves off of your roofing system. It’s also important to check out and clean your gutters while you are doing so to allow water to move freely away from your property.

Assess The Materials – When cleaning your roof and gutters, take the time to really look at your roofing materials. Look for any missing or damaged pieces. These will need to be inspected, replaced or repaired to ensure there isn’t any hidden damage or leaks.

Check Your Ventilation – Head to your attic and inspect your insulation. Make sure your attic isn’t too stuffy, and that you are getting quality ventilation in this area. This can actually prevent many issues while also improving your home’s energy efficiency.

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