Going Green Without Breaking The Bank

Have you been trying to make eco-friendly choices in your day-to-day life? From using less water to installing energy efficient appliances, there are a number of small changes that can lower your environmental impact. Did you know that the roof you choose can play a big part too? Today we will discuss two ways your roof can be a tool for a greener lifestyle, depending on your budget.

Cool Roofs

Solar Panels Are A Great Way To Improve the Efficiency of Your Roof!

Best for those with smaller budgets, cool roofs are a common method of eco-friendly roofing. These roofs are usually designed to be white and have a high sheen that helps them deflect the sun’s ray. By deflecting the majority of the heat, this roof keeps your home cooler, which allows your appliances to work more efficiently. Installing a cool roof can also significantly lower your energy bill! You can choose cool roofs in a variety of materials, but metal or tile will be your greenest options, as asphalt shingles take a heavy toll on the environment.

Solar Panels

This method is pretty pricey, but the benefits are very impressive. These versatile panels can be installed on most existing roofs, and qualify you for tax credits through the EPA’s Energy Star program. Solar panels allow you to not only keep your home cooler, but also to power itself with stored energy from the sun.

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