Picking Your Metal Roof

A Metal Roof in a Storm

Metal Roofing is Strong Against the Elements. Find out which Metal is Perfect for Your Home!

Aluminum, steel, and copper, oh my! Metal Roofing is soaring in popularity these days, but picking out the metal roof that’s perfect for your home can be a struggle. To help you pick out your new metal roof in Fort Worth, TX, here’s a breakdown of each of the most popular materials.


Copper’s aesthetic luster grows more alluring with age, making it one of the rare metals that appreciates in value. It’s malleable. It’s highly resistant to corrosion. Best of all, while copper is typically priced the highest in metal roofing, it adds to your home’s market value over time. If coppers high-initial cost fits your style and budget, you should heavily consider this metal for your home.


Aluminum is a popular choice for businesses, particularly because of its energy conservation properties and strong weather resistance. Homeowners usually choose aluminum for its incredible durability against corrosion and winter damage. This lightweight metal is also simple to shape, install and support with your home’s existing framework.

While the metal loses its luster sooner than copper or steel, a simple paint job can negate this aging. For strong resistance against the elements and superior energy-efficiency, aluminum is a great choice for homeowners.


Steel has been the classic, sturdy choice for builders since the days of Carnegie. First: it’s strong! Very strong. Steel roofing actually weighs less than you’d think, too. The durable metal is slow to show signs of aging and seldom requires repairs. Combined with a zinc coating, steel roofing shows strong resistance against natural corrosion and seasonal damage.

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