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Needing roof repairs or installation by certified roofing contractors in Arlington, TX? Contact Aline Roofing for details about our team and roofing services. Our goal is to provide durable roof repairs and installation with integrity and quality that you can count on. Contact our team today for quality roofing services in Arlington, TX

Services We Provide

These are the services we provide for residential, commercial, or government roofing projects.

Commercial Roofing Services

Commercial Roof Installation

Whether You Need Commercial or Residential Roof Installation or Repair, Our Roofing Contractors are Your Local Experts

At Aline Roofing, we have the skill and experience to repair or replace your government, commercial, or industrial roof. Our roofers will work with you to find the perfect roof from our wide selection of commercial roofing materials. Our roofers are skilled in everything, from torch down roofs to curved metal panel installation. Call our contractors today at (817) 984-9961 to learn more about any of the following commercial roofing materials and services:

  • Curved Metal Roof Systems: With modern style and superior durability, curved metal roof systems can add a great deal to the design of your facility.
  • Duro-Last: If you need a durable, low maintenance flat roofing system, consider a Duro-Last roofing membrane.
  • Hot Mop: An inexpensive asphalt roof covering for flat roofs, hot mop roofing has been used for many years.
  • Roof Coatings: Extend the lifespan of your roof and protect it from the elements with a quality roof coating.
  • Standing Seam: A common form of metal roofing known for its durability and energy efficiency requirements, standing seam roofing is a great choice.
  • Stone-Coated Steel: With the durability of steel roofing and an added coating of stone, you get a tough system that will withstand harsh weather.
  • Torch Down: Despite a complex installation process, torch down roofing is a long lasting flat roof coating highly resistant to the elements.
  • TPO Roofing: If you need an environmentally friendly, flat roofing membrane with energy efficient benefits, consider TPO roofing.

Residential Roofing Services

To keep your house protected from the wind, rain, and harsh temperatures, whether it is during the variable winter or windy spring, regular roof maintenance and repair is critical. We have the skills and experience required to complete any roof repair or installation you require. Get repairs and installation completed by a reputable team of roofing contractors who will do the work accurately.

  • Architectural Shingles: Similar to standard shingles but manufactured with a thicker fiberglass, making it longer lasting.
  • Composition Shingles: An affordable, common material, composition shingles are loved for their many colors and styles.
  • Hail Damage: Your roof is highly vulnerable to damage from hail including punctures that will leave your roof with leaks.
  • Metal: Looking to switch up the style and durability of your roof? Get more information on metal roofs for residential buildings.
  • Storm Damage: If you discover shingles with rips or are missing entirely, have your roof repaired as soon as possible.
  • Tile: Tile is a very beautiful, premium roof material with energy efficient features and a lifespan of 100+ years!

Other Home Repair Services

Our contractors do more than just roof repairs and installations. Check out our additional residential services:

  • Gutters: When your gutters start to crack, rust, leak, or sag, it is wise to have them repaired to ensure good drainage.
  • Siding: No matter what kind of siding you have, it is essential to repair any damage to prevent poor energy efficiency.
  • Skylights: If a heavy hail storm has damaged your skylight, call for timely local repair!
  • Windows: If you want to improve your home efficiency or need to fix a damaged window, contact us for window replacement.

Call us at (817) 984-9961 to hear more about the installations and repairs available for your roof or home.

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