How To Tell If You Have Hail Damage On Your Roof

How To Tell If You Have Hail Damage On Your Roof

These Signs Indicate You Might Have Hail Damage On Your Roof.

We always want to protect ourselves against a hail storm, and what better place than our homes. While our home’s give us the ultimate protection, it can be susceptible to damages after inclement weather. One of the biggest places your home can become damaged from a hail storm is on the roof. But how can you tell if you have hail damage on your roof? Below are things to look for in determining if your roof is damaged.

Gutter Damage

Check your gutters; are there dents and dings that weren’t there previously? This can be a sign that you have hail damage on your roof if your gutters are damaged.

Cracked Windows

Are any of the windows on your house cracked or broken? While windows are part of your roofing system, if they are damaged, there is a big chance your roof is, as well.

Leaking Ceiling

Leaking ceilings after a storm can be a strong indicator that your roof was damaged by a hail storm. You can go into your attic and check to see if the ceiling is leaking or if there is water on any insulation.

Dented Outdoor Appliances

If you have a grill, tables, chairs, or other outdoor appliances that may be dented or damaged from the storm, your roof may also be damaged.

Damaged Trees

Do you have fallen tree branches in your yard? Is the trunk of the tree have dents or bark removed? If the storm was strong enough to hurt a tree, it is definitely strong enough to harm your roof.

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