The Benefits of a Skylight Installation

Improved Mood

Studies show that natural sunlight makes people feel more productive and happier. If you are sitting in the dark all day, it leads to heachaches, depression, and eye strain. When it is dark, you feel drowsy, but sunlight makes you feel energized and productive, which is why skylights are great for bedrooms or home offices.

Natural Light

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Benefits of natural light are that it is free! Save money and energy by not having to turn the lights on in the room with the skylight during the day. You can also get your daily dose of vitamin D, lower stress, and even reduce symptoms of seasonal depression with a skylight installation.


Skylights are commonly seen in bathrooms because it is a calming and great way to get light which you are relaxing in the tub or going to the bathroom but having privacy. Don’t make eye contact with your neighbors anymore and instead look at the clouds while you spend time on the toilet or in the tub.

Less Energy Usage

You can save as much as 10% on your energy bills by getting a skylight installation as the sun provides all the light you need for that room during the day. It is also a great conductor and will warm the room.

Visual Appeal

It’s a fact that the best pictures are taken with natural light. Get your best selfies forever with a skylight. Watch as the sun sets and changes colors on your walls or just enjoy the brightness of the room during the day.

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