When is the Last Time You Checked for Roof Leaks?

When you think of a leaking roof, you may think of large water stains, mold and mildew, and even collapsing ceilings. These things are what happen when a roof leak sits for a long time, unmanaged, and grows to severe damage. Some roof leaks are easily seen and repaired. Others are far less obvious, and by the time you find them, you have that damage to manage. Don’t let it get that far; investigate for roof leaks now.

Checking for Roof Leaks

Rain on Roof

When is the Last Time You Checked for Roof Leaks?

There are many possible roof leak sources. While you might not be able to find every single one without some professional help, you can get to know the signs of the most common ones so that you can catch any problems early, hopefully.

Your roof shingles can become cracked and loose without you knowing it. You might not see the signs unless you’re on the roof, and it may take a professional eye to catch them. Broken and cracked shingles can let water into your roof.

Your roof and attic should be well-ventilated and insulated to maintain the right temperatures and keep things dry. Never assume that your attic is completely waterproof. Check things often enough to stay on top of any developing moisture issues.

Your gutters are an important part of your roofing system; they move excess water away from your roof, preventing damage and leaks. Clean your gutters regularly. Also, have them checked by a professional to make sure they’re doing their job. A roofing professional can help you with all the tasks needed to make sure you don’t have roof leaks. Call your roofers in White Settlement, TX at Aline Roofing, (817) 369-5960.